Schöckel & Schlossberg, Graz

29th of March 2018: Schlossberg 28th of March 2018: Rindegg-Novystein-Erhardshöhe-Johan Waller Hütte – Schöckel und zurück Ich habe ein Zahnartzt aus Gleisdorf getroffen am Erhardshöhe. Er hat mir geleitet zum Johann Waller Hütte wo er mir ein Bier gekauft habe. Wir haben geredet über Flüchtlinge, Österreich, Dänemark. “Am Berg sind wir alle du”. Dann weiter … Read more

Uwe Johnson “Eine Reise nach Klagenfurt”

  READING: Uwe Johnson “Eine Reise nach Klagenfurt”, Ingeborg Bachmann has not been living in Klagenfurt for 30 years. She lived in Rome. Now she is dead and Uwe Johnson travels to Klagenfurt to visit her grave at the Annabichl Centralfriedhof by the airport. Nobody is really there. Ingeborg Bachmann is there, but dead, Uwe … Read more

Weinebene, Koralm Gebiet

25th of March 2018: Came to late at the skiing site. Walked to the top. Saw Ratac/Pistenraupe, Skiers get killed at night, decaptitated or get their legs cut off because ratraks can be chained together and the skiers cannot see the chains and try to race between them. The ratraks were everywhere. It is the … Read more

Alpe-Adria: Slovenian Minority in Kärnten, Austria

Gabriel Kofler is in his thirties. A school teacher Bad Eisenkappel in Kärnten and I meet him for the first time at Café Scherbe in Graz. I am just there with my wife who is going to organize a meeting supported by Alpe-Adria region about the Slovenian minority in Kärnten. Also present is Sandra Kocuvan … Read more

From Indie Manchester to Wirtschaftswunder München-Graz

“Men hard to manage, but easy to inspire” Joseph Conrad, “The Nigger of the Narcissus” I read Joseph Conrad in Münich airport when I realize that I (again) is on a plane containing technicians and commuters  living in Graz working in Münich. This time they are headin’ back. Some weeks ago I got contacted by … Read more


Nye jødiske kirkegård Vintersneen ligger her lidt længere inden den smelter bort På den anden side af muren med den endeløse række af mindetavlerne med dødsårene 1942-45: en busterminal hvor en gruppe unge mænd fra Bratislava  i kopitøj grådigt griber plastiktasker med navne fra kendte sportsmærker inden de fordeler sig rundt i Prag

Prag: On the other side of the graveyard wall

The New Jewish Cemetery The winter snow lies here a little longer before it melts away. On the other side of the wall with endless list of names died between 1942-45: A bus terminal. A group of young men from Bratislava in training suits of copy brands eagerly grabbing their plastic bags of worldwide brands … Read more