Uwe Johnson “Eine Reise nach Klagenfurt”

  READING: Uwe Johnson “Eine Reise nach Klagenfurt”, Ingeborg Bachmann has not been living in Klagenfurt for 30 years. She lived in Rome. Now she is dead and Uwe Johnson travels to Klagenfurt to visit her grave at the Annabichl Centralfriedhof by the airport. Nobody is really there. Ingeborg Bachmann … Read more

Weinebene, Koralm Gebiet

25th of March 2018: Came to late at the skiing site. Walked to the top. Saw Ratac/Pistenraupe, Skiers get killed at night, decaptitated or get their legs cut off because ratraks can be chained together and the skiers cannot see the chains and try to race between them. The ratraks … Read more

Slovenien Kärnten

Gabriel is in his thirties. A school teacher Bad Eisenkappel in Kärnten and I meet him for the first time at Café Scherbe in Graz. I am just there with my wife who is going to organize a meeting supported by Alpe-Adria regionabout the Slovenian minority in Kärnten. Also present … Read more