Cratére surfaces – 20 years of Street Theatre in Ales

Tatiana-Mosio Bongonga is the tight rope artist of the Cie Basinga and the day after she tells about her work to 30 young artists from Europe and her work. “The community is a crucial part of my work…and the fattest guy in the world can have as good a balance as anyone else. It is … Read more

From the institutions to the streets

More and more artists are seeking out of institutional framing and into public space to develop new ideas and concepts of the arts. Together with Artistic Director and professor Maarten Verhoef (NL) and journalist for Télérama Mathieu Braunstein (F) I am gonna talk about new directions and possibilities for the arts. Very happy to tell … Read more

Kulturen i Helsingør savner nogle faste rammer

Frederiksborg Amts Avis, lørdag den 16. juni 2018 LEDEREN AF HELSINGØR TEATER, JENS FRIMANN HANSEN, HER I SIT KONTOR I TOLDKAMMERET, SAVNER SAMARBEJDE OG EN KLART DEFINERET RAMME FOR DE ENKELTE KULTURINSTITUTIONER I HELSINGØR. FOTO: KENN THOMSEN Opsang: Måske har kulturaktørerne i Helsingør fået alt for frie tøjler. Et samarbejde aktørerne imellem burde være et … Read more