Circostrada. Rouen // El Beuf

Attending the general meeting of Circostrada in Rouen. Happy reencounter with many good colleagues and friends. Finding time to visiting both the museum and the grave of Gustave Flaubert. An old alcoholic standing outside the museum using the bin for his beer is the most Flaubernesque in Rouen. 

The museum is interesting: Musée et d’histore de la médecine, a rather bizare combination of the hospital-world Falubert grew up in and memorabila from the famous writer.

It is the days of the “gillets jaune” – yellow vests have blocked the roads and the gas stations and made fires. In Rouen more arousing than frightening. In central part of the city hardly any signs of solidarity with GJ willst in ElBeuf almost every car has the yellow vest placed at the dashboard.

This train feeling…shooting through Normandie and Paris in early morning rushhour to St Lazzare

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