Slovenien Kärnten

Gabriel is in his thirties. A school teacher Bad Eisenkappel in Kärnten and I meet him for the first time at Café Scherbe in Graz. I am just there with my wife who is going to organize a meeting supported by Alpe-Adria regionabout the Slovenian minority in Kärnten. Also present is a civil servant from Region Steiermark who informs about formalaties of the funding. The discussion flows in steierisch and kärntnerisch so many things I do not understand. What does not escapes my understanding is the word Daccau. The ancestors of Gabriel all were deported to Daccau at the 2nd World War. A woman of the family died but miraculously the rest of the family survived and resettled in a small village near Klagenfurt after the war.

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