Weinebene, Koralm Gebiet

25th of March 2018: Came to late at the skiing site. Walked to the top. Saw Ratac/Pistenraupe, Skiers get killed at night, decaptitated or get their legs cut off because ratraks can be chained together and the skiers cannot see the chains and try to race between them.

The ratraks were everywhere. It is the end of the skiing season. Like flies buzzing around. When we are down eating at the terrasse of the restaurant we hear them. Was thinking of Bent Vinn Nielsen’s novel “Et stykke af muren” where combine harvesters, mighty machines, come close to the house gardens at Lolland-Falster. Thinking of Søren Lose who told me that all the living fences and dirt roads were ploughed and included in the fields. No spaces to walk.

Kärntner Kasnudln mit Butter /G

Kaspressknödl auf Blattsalad /G

G/ Milch von Säugetieren wie Kuh, Schaf, Ziege, Pferd, Esel,

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