Circostrada. Rouen // El Beuf

Attending the general meeting of Circostrada in Rouen. Happy reencounter with many good colleagues and friends. Finding time to visiting both the museum and the grave of Gustave Flaubert. An old alcoholic standing outside the museum using the bin for his beer is the most Flaubernesque in Rouen.  The museum … Read more

On tour: Romeo Castellucci in Brussels and Circostrada in Rouen

  Oh, I hear a motor running! Do you know the parable of the capsized car? The overturned roof is the decorative art’s rebellion against free art. The people rolling the car are artisans, tired of working without enjoying the fruits of their work. The capsized car is the kind … Read more


Been two days to England. Flying to Leeds and from there to Bridlington, a beautiful seaside town joining The Coastal Cultural Network to talk about SO-Festival and the importance of culture and festivals in the remote regions of England. A lot of transport in cars and trains talking to James … Read more