Passagefestival on Brexit


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The opening of PASSAGE street theatre festival in Helsingør (DK) and Helsingborg (S), is on August 1, 6pm. Under the direction of Mr. Leo Bassi and Kristoffer and Mette Glyholt the people will unite and build a bridge between the two cities dedicated to the love of the other side.

Politicians have tried building the bridge for centuries but with very little success why PASSAGEFESTIVAL comissioned artists to do the job. It is only four km across the Sound. Come on. How difficult can that be?

Working on this and following the Brexit-referendum in UK on Thursday PASSAGE just feel like saying to their  British friends that no matter what they decide on Thursday: PASSAGEFESTIVAL WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU.

The festival invites everyone to join building the bridge on August 1 starting in Helsingborg (S) on 6 pm.

This bridge will always be yours.

All British people: Please vote on Thursday.

NB: The Grateful Dead also played songs about leaving, but also about Playing in The Band, Truckin’ and “I’d rather be with you // on a back porch in July”


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