Alpe-Adria: Slovenian Minority in Kärnten, Austria

Gabriel Kofler is in his thirties. A school teacher Bad Eisenkappel in Kärnten and I meet him for the first time at Café Scherbe in Graz. I am just there with my wife who is going to organize a meeting supported by Alpe-Adria region about the Slovenian minority in Kärnten. Also present is Sandra Kocuvan from Region Steiermark who informs about formalaties of the funding. The discussion flows in steierisch and kärntnerisch so many things I do not understand. What does not escapes my understanding is the word Daccau. The ancestors of Gabriel all were deported to Daccau at the 2nd World War. A woman of the family died but miraculously the rest of the family survived and resettled in a small village near Klagenfurt after the war.

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